Women Empowerment Workshop (Sept 2019)

Women Empowerment Workshop (Sept 2019)

12 women and 5 children attended the event. Attendees were from: England, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Brazil, Cameroon, Jamaica & Cape Verde. 

The workshop started with a game and questions on joy of motherhood and the struggles mothers encounter when their children are back to school.

Sandra Miller our guest speaker introduced herself, spoke about her upbringing, family, career and being a mother. Sandra also spoke about difficulties with child care, how important it is to keep our children in school. We shared tips on school routines, and how to keep our children safe in social media world.

To conclude Sandra went on to say that as members of the community, it is our responsibility to support schools and institutions to make sure our children get the best education.

The following comment was made by Sandra (guest speaker) *the event was very interesting. I like the idea of a group of women coming together to learn from each other, support each other and there was such warmth , everyone was relaxed and able to contribute. I love it and I am looking forward to the next session already.

1st Feedback – Macheala

Really enjoyed the workshop with the guest speaker Sandra Miller! Well what can I say what an inspirational lady she is with some great helpful tips and an abundance of experience under her belt.  As usual I come away from the group feeling truly uplifted with such positive vibes felt by all.  Lovely ladies and so happy to bring my lovely friend Jacqueline Who found the group lovely and caring. May we keep growing 

2nd Feedback – Marissa

Thank you so much for inviting me. The event was very interesting, definitely useful!!! Especially at this time of year.. and children and education are part of our lives. My friend enjoyed as well and wants to come next month as well. It’s great that kids can be outside as well. I wish I didn’t have to check on them so often, made me miss a bit. Hopefully there can be someone to stay with them or (we just don’t bring them). But the kids enjoyed as well. Thank 

Thank you for your time, we hope to see more people attend and benefit from URBOND Women empowerment sessions. Join us in building a bigger and stronger community together.

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