Women Empowerment Workshop on Selfcare (Jan, 2022)

Women Empowerment Workshop on Selfcare (Jan, 2022)
12 women from 8 nationalities attended the workshop.
The session started with the introduction of URBOND newest volunteer @patricia_tatarzycki who will be helping run Women’s Empowerment Workshops. Attendees introduced themselves before Isabel Clarke (Mental health specialist) started the workshop on Selfcare.
With 30 years of experience working as a therapist in the NHS, Isabel started presenting difficulties of being human. Some of the areas covered during the session included: Self as interaction, different circuits in the brain, ways to get into wise mind, therapy, feelings, relationships, the 3 c’s, exercise, etc. Isabel concluded the session by reminding attendees how important it is to get involved with activities that they enjoy in order to reduce stress and loneliness.
From the feedback we received, everyone thoroughly enjoyed the session and would like to see Isabel back for more mental health workshops.
“ I really enjoyed the workshop with the guest speaker Isabel Clark! Lovely person with some great helpful tips and an abundance of experience under her belt. I missed URBOND gatherings, I come away from the group feeling truly uplifted with such positive vibes. Amazing ladies and so happy to bring my friend found the group lovely and caring.” – Claire

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