Women Empowerment Workshop (May 4th, 2019)

Women Empowerment Workshop (May 4th, 2019)

7 Women attended, 2 of these were new to the group.

These women were from Portsmouth, Malawi, Ireland, Bangladesh, and Venezuela.

The Theme was International Families

We had devised activities for this group to break the ice and encourage conversation within the group.
The activities were Diversity Bingo whereby everyone had a sheet with statements on it and they had to find a person in the group to match each statement, the first one to complete the sheet wins and then further discussion to be had following this activity.

We then had ‘Topics’ activity where topics were put into a bowl and each person had to pick a piece of paper and the group had to discuss the topics, to bring about healthy discussion, debate and understanding of each culture’s thoughts about these topics.

Lastly we did an activity where the group were asked what is the nationality of their doctor, partner, best friend, etc and each nationality was represented by a coloured band, we were all given little see through bags to collect the bands in then at the end of the activity we could see what nationalities we mainly interact with and then facts about the percentage of different nationalities living within Portsmouth were explained.

Healthy nutritious lunch and refreshments were also provided as a medium to facilitate interaction. The event was a great success, everyone enjoyed it.

Next women gathering, Saturday 1st June from 1pm at Charles Dickens Activity Centre. All ladies are welcome to discuss issues and daily struggles that women go through. The gathering will also be an opportunity for women living and working in our community to come together, support and provide guidance to each other.

For more report on this event please email us at info@urbond.org.

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