Women Empowerment Workshop (July 6th, 2019)

Women Empowerment Workshop (July 6th, 2019)

12 women and 11 children attended URBOND International Friendship Day at South-Sea Common in Portsmouth. 7 of these women were new to the group.

The attendees were from England, Spain, Philippines, Hong Kong, Portugal, Poland, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Cape Verde and South Africa.

Attendees brought different nutritious food from their respective countries and shared with other people. During the workshop, children took part in drawing and playing with each other.

Verlyn presented Salad Master and demonstrated how it works by making healthy salad, Rice & BBQ without using cooking oil, water or spices. Verlyn further demonstrated how important it is to make healthy nutritious meals.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the session.The following comment was made by one attendee “My son and I really enjoyed the event and thanks to URBOND for a great day. It was great opportunity to get to know other ladies in the community. I also enjoyed learning different methods of making healthy food, how to store it and I have also enjoyed watching my son having a great time with other kids in the community. I already look forward to the next event”

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