Women Empowerment Workshop (Feb, 2020)

Women Empowerment Workshop (Feb, 2020)

15 women, 15 children from 10 different nationalities attended the workshop. The theme was Health & Well-being, the first guest speaker was Claire Marsh a Fitness Athlete, Coach & Mentor: Owner & manager The Box Portsmouth

Claire spoke about wellness, fitness, good Mental health, nutrition & exercises. During the workshop Claire asked all the attendees to identify the barriers & excuses that prevented them from living a healthier lifestyle. She went on to share her final thoughts on creating good habits by not restricting yourself from having fun, being yourself and Claire gave some excellent advice on how to live a healthier lifestyle.

Our second guest speaker was Kasia the owner of Salsa Solent Dance Academy Portsmouth. Kasia spoke about upcoming international women’s day, discussed with all the attendees a chance to put a group together to perform at URBOND socio-cultural event on the 7th March in honour of all the ladies around the world. In order to prepare for the performance, the group will start rehearsing once a week at Charles Dickens Activity Centre. All abilities are welcome. Please get in touch, let us know if you are interested in joining the fun and make friends.

Special thanks to all the ladies in our community and beyond for making this workshop a great success. See you all soon.

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