URBOND visit to the UK Parliament

URBOND visit to the UK Parliament

On the 22nd November from 16:25pm, URBOND had a pleasure to visit the UK Parliament for a special tour of the palace. URBOND took to the visit 15 people in total including the trustees, project managers, and some of the volunteers. The tour lasted 75 minutes.

There’s an undeniable thrill as you arrive at the entrance to the Houses of Parliament. How can there not be, knowing that you’re entering the home of 900 years of history? The House of Parliament remains one of many people’s favourite buildings in the UK, its elegance and beauty unrivalled.

We were able to wander through around a dozen rooms on this gloriously evening. It’s difficult to describe how it felt, walking into rooms you’ve seen so often on TV: The House of Commons, Westminster Hall, Central Lobby and the House of Lords among them.

The tour of the palace was thoroughly enjoyable and marvelous history lesson. The visit has left us planning a return visit, keen to find out even more.

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