Socio-cultural Evening Event (Mar, 2020)

Socio-cultural Evening Event (Mar, 2020)

URBOND’s Socio-cultural event, focusing on racial harmony, cohesion and diversity, was held at the Charles Dickens Activity Centre on the 7th March 2020.  The event, like all other URBOND events and activities, are open to members of the local community, of which, 157 people were in attendance.

From the feedback we have been receiving, this event was one of the best organised and anticipated so far by the charity, with people eager to get inside. As they were entering the venue, we ensured that they were seated with people they would normally not talk to, to encourage community cohesion.

At 8:45pm the event kicked off with a speech from our Chairman (Ousmane Drame), he reminded people that URBOND is for the community, run by the community. He thanked people for lending their support and urged everyone to keep getting involved, invite friends and family to attend URBOND events and activities. He went on to ask people to help raise funds for URBOND’s Education Programme by registering to do Tough Mudder, The Great South run or purchasing tickets to the 2nd Annual URBOND Charity Ball, which is scheduled for Friday 13th November.

At 8:55pmKasia owner of Salsa Solent introduced the first performers for the evening, a group of 18 ladies lead by Kasia herself. The group performed Salsa dance in honour of all the ladies around the world and celebrated International Women’s Day.

At 9:05pm, a free buffet was provided as a medium to facilitate interaction and provide the opportunity to taste foods from different cultures.

At 9:45pm, local talents SO Simple and Annette Zakaria Wincott performed, followed by Kasia getting all attendees involved in salsa dance off. A Special thank you was given to the entertainers for engaging with the local community and thanks for bringing such a fantastic energy and artistry to the evening. Lastly, to DJ Mark who volunteers his time at every event, thank you for your continued support.

The event finished at 11pm.

“I moved to Portsmouth with the entire family just two days ago, on our way home from dinner my wife asked a taxi driver what is there to do on Saturday night, any nice bar or restaurant to go to. The driver responded “the place to be is URBOND socio-cultural event at the Dickens centre”. He was right, the food is lovely!  as we recently moved to Portsmouth, it was the perfect opportunity to make friends in the community, everyone was nice and friendly” – Johnson K.

If you are a visitor, have recently moved into the area or have never attended URBOND events previously then we would very much like to encourage you to come along, join in the fun, connect with your local community and be part of a caring organisation.

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Thank you and see you all soon.

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