Socio-cultural Evening Event

Socio-cultural Evening Event

On the 28th September from 8pm til 11pm was URBOND Socio-cultural event at the Charles Dickens Activity Centre, which focused on racial harmony, cohesion and diversity. The event was open to all members of the local community and approximately 103 people were in attendance.

Special guests included: Stephen Morgan MP, the Deputy Lord Mayor and the Deputy Lady Mayoress. Stephen during his speech spoke about various issues in communities across the country and Stephen reminded attendees how important organisations like URBOND are to the community.

“It is fantastic to see URBOND growing from strength to strength, the charitable organisation is promoting cohesive city, encouraging bond between members of the community irrespective of their race, belief or background. Special thanks to all attendees for lending their support this organisation (URBOND).” – Stephen Morgan MP.

To the performersKatangaKaxyxy and SO Simple thank you for engaging with the local community, thank you for bringing such a fantastic energy and artistry to the evening. Your shows added a great highlight to the socio-cultural event.

If you are a visitor, have recently moved into the area or have never attended URBOND events previously then we would very much like to encourage you to come along, join in the fun, connect with your local community and be part of a caring organisation.

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