Part 3: Virtual Mental Health Workshop

Part 3: Virtual Mental Health Workshop

Part 3 of 3:

Following on from our previous talks on the mental health challenges of a pandemic, and the five components of good mental health, we explored how people can build themselves up psychologically and physically as lockdown lifts and we begin to navigate the risks and benefits of returning to the new ‘normal’.

17 people from different nationalities, both male and female attended the online workshop.  The workshop outcomes were overwhelmingly positive. Most notably, every attendee completed the workshop with a greater sense of understanding of mental health, and this happened because they had opened themselves up to learn about mental health and not stigmatise it.

During the workshop, our guest speaker Carolyn Barber (Mental Health specialist) went through the seven habits of mentally healthy people, good and bad for mental health, good and bad habits of physical health and advised how we can prevent mental health.

We have plans to continue providing workshops and supports to members of our communities and share it with an even larger audience. Please stay tuned and be sure to join us next time.

Thank you all for attending, we hope more people will join and benefit from the sessions.



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