Goal Mapping Workshop

Goal Mapping Workshop

URBOND workshops and seminars are designed to help improve the lives of members of our community.

Today (26-10-2019) Sandra Miller (Aspire Coaching Consultancy) joined us as the special guest to deliver a workshop on goal mapping. During the workshop, Sandra engaged with attendees and demonstrated how goal mapping works to develop the empowering mindsets, winning attitudes and effective habits that create success. Sandra further went on to explain how the 7 steps of goal mapping can help turn your dreams into reality.

22 people attended the workshop, 19 of the attendees are from Portsmouth and the remaining 3 are from Southampton.  “I found the workshop really informative and very useful; my plan moving forward is to do goal mapping on everything I plan to do so I can easily achieve my set goals” – Maria Mira Martinez

Thank you to everyone for attending the workshop, we hope you found the session helpful and we see you soon.

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