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Work with us to help continue our efforts in building bigger and stronger communities.


We launched our partnership with Richmond Motor Group in 2016 and it has gone from strength to strength with the company donating over £13,000 towards sponsorship for our community and competitive sporting events and tournaments (basketball, volleyball and football). Richmond Motor Group is an automotive dealership in Portsmouth, their support continue to encourage our community members to engage in fitness activities.

Another great partnership with Startup Disruptors. Together, we deliver workshops, seminars and conferences to members of our community.

An amazing working partnership with HIVE Portsmouth that started in 2020. Together, we promote our events and activity in all communities in our lovely city of Portsmouth.

A provider of B2B marketing and mailing solutions, Tennyson generously donated over £1,840 towards our Child Education Programme (URBOND Guinea) in 2019 and the some of the staff took on challenges to raise £2,075 towards the Child Education Programme in Africa. 2019 was the start of our partnership and we continue to see this partnership grow from strength to strength yearly.

The Big Lottery has been supporting us since 2015. They are generously funding some of our community projects and office space in Portsmouth.

Our working partnership with Holiday Activities and Food Programme (HAF) Fun Pompey started in December 2021 where we organised fun activities for hot lunch for the children in our community during Winter holidays. HAF Pompey funded the activities and lunch for the children that qualified for free school meals. We’re looking forward to delivering more holiday activities in partnership with HAF Fun Pompey in 2022 and beyond.

An amazing working relationship that started in 2021 with Portsmouth Music Academy. Members of our community age between 10 – 18 years old benefit from free music lessons with the PMA.

A new partnership with Shaping Portsmouth working with us on our Youth Development Programme to benefit the youths in our community.

Funding from HIWCF since October 2021 has enabled us to run our youth fitness and sports activities. We were able to acquire some equipment as well as cleaning product to clean equipment during and after use.

Our environment matters! Our partnership with the tree council is to provide support and personnel where need be to orchards across our city to help in planting and maintenance of trees and fruits.

An exciting partnership that started at the end of 2021 with LMSUK working with us to deliver workshops for our youths.

A new partnership with Essential Teaching UK on workshops for our community members and youths.



To discuss corporate fundraising, sponsorship or partnership with URBOND, please email today.