February Steps Challenge

February Steps Challenge

In order to get the community mentally and physically healthier during these difficult times, Amazon has launched a fitness challenge called step for charity and they have chosen URBOND as a beneficiary.

Here is the challenge, the distance between UK to the Republic of Guinea is 3,156 miles, convert this to steps it is about 6,081,928 steps. This will be the target for the challenge for team URBOND to achieve.

For every 500,000 steps achieved by team URBOND, Amazon will donate £50 to URBOND.

This offer is available for the month of February only so please get involved, the more people that join the challenge the better. However, in order to sign up to take part, we are asking £2.00 donation; this donation can be done on JustGiving by clicking on the below link.


Once you have donated on the just giving page, please download Pacer Pedometer from your app store. Join the group by entering this code: K42261187