Empowerment through dance

Empowerment through dance

Empowering the ladies in our community through dancing.

The aim of URBOND Women Group is to bring women together irrespective of their background, beliefs and ideologies with a purpose to support each other through their daily struggles.

Through their gatherings they are discovering their power, purpose, values and empowering each other collectively. Click here to read about their last workshop.

For the past few weeks 26 wonderful ladies from 15 different nationalities have been getting together to rehearse ahead of URBOND socio-cultural event on the 7th March, they will perform in honour of all the ladies around the world to celebrate the International Women’s Day.

The following comment was made by Kasia owner of Salsa Solent Academy Portsmouth, “I can’t wait to see all these beautiful ladies perform in front of members of our community. This opportunity will help boost our self-esteem, boost our confidence and help us form a strong bond. Kasia went on to say that on the 7th March at URBOND socio-cultural event, we will dance to celebrate us and celebrate international women’s day”.

There are still few rehearsals to go, ladies if you are over 18 you are welcome to attend. The socio-cultural evening event is on the 7th March from 8pm at Charles Dickens Activity Centre on Lake Road. 18 + everyone is welcome, bring partners, friends, friends of friends or complete strangers.

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