Donate to build a school library and computer room for 700+ children

Donate to build a school library and computer room for 700+ children

We’re are raising funds to building a library and a computer room for those in need.



In the Republic of Guinea only 30.4% of those aged 15 years and over can read and write, leaving nearly 70% without basic literacy skills.

The URBOND Child Education Programme is working to address this issue and improve access to primary education within the community. As part of this effort we will be travelling to the Republic of Guinea in October 2021 to build a library and a computer room, which will benefit 700+ children each year. We already have 15 volunteers booked to join us and would like to appeal for your support.

Since 2019 we have established a working relationship with Ecole Primaire Public d’Application school in Dubreka (Republic of Guinea). The school is over-crowded and has suffered from a high turnover of teachers and low pass rates for its students. URBOND has been able to directly support the school in tackling these issues by contributing towards teacher salaries and donating study materials in the form of books, textbooks and stationery. Some children travel as far as 10km and have to make a perilous trip across the river to reach the school each day whilst many drop out of education all together because they are not able to cover the costs associated.

We are proudly supporting the school and its students in rising to these challenges and have been happy to see pass rates increase from 44% to 70.8% during the 2 years that we have been working with them. The valuable input of our organisation and our generous members is positively impacting the community and the addition of a library and computer room will significantly improve the educational opportunities for many children in the area both now and in the future.

Please support our work, together we can change lives and build a better world.