An amazing week of holiday activities for children and families

An amazing week of holiday activities for children and families

‘Best week ever!’ – Preston D. (10 year old)


The above feedback from a participants summaries the 5 days of holiday activities and food (HAF) programme organised by URBOND in partnership with HAF Fun Pompey, Portsmouth City Council (PCC), and the Department of Education.

Day 1: Monday 25th July 2022 – Learning new skills and being creative

We had afro dance, volleyball and after lunch the children were creative during the arts and craft session :).

Day 2: Tuesday 26th July 2022 – Gardening and learning new skills

We had gardening and it was great to see everyone get involved in learning and understanding more about our environment including fruit, vegetables, plants and wildlife. After lunch, we had afro dance session where we learnt new dance moves with Conor Woods.

Day 3: Wednesday 27th July 2022 – Visit to the aquarium and learning how to take care of our environment

We visited the Blue Reef Aquarium where we had a sneak peak at the sea life and learned about the importance of keeping our waters clean and the sad effects that plastic pollution has on its wildlife.

After lunch, @finalstrawfoundation  was invited to help the children with a beach clean up on Southsea Common and to help them understand how to look after the environment they live in.

Day 4: Thursday 28th July 2022 – Dance skills, gentle fitness with volleyball and visit to the museum

The young people had a afro dance with Conor and later gentle fitness with volleyball session during the morning hours.  After lunch, we paid a visit to the Portsmouth Arts and Gallery Museum for the young people to learn the history of our lovely City of Portsmouth and our country.

Day 5: Friday 29th July 2022 – A day with parents at the playground and a visit to the museum

Spending time with the kids is priceless and some parent/carer (s) had the opportunity to be with the children at the Somerstown Adventure Playground. After lunch, we paid a visit to the Portsmouth Arts and Gallery Museum where the children and parent/carer(s) learnt about the history of our lovely City of Portsmouth.

Over 60 children and parents attended URBOND HAF activities on Friday and everyone thoroughly enjoyed their day.

“I’ve lived in Portsmouth for over 10 years, I’ve never been to the Art Museum. Seeing the Museum for the first time was an eye opener, the place is so beautiful and full of knowledge. URBOND is doing a great job exposing us and our children to places we would have never gone otherwise. We are grateful for everything URBOND is doing in our community.” – Sarah M

A total of 213 children, young people and parents benefitted from our HAF Summer: Get active with URBOND provision during this holiday.

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